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There were a lot of job portals that draw in potential new hires, but we noticed there are complex processes on job seekers and employers level. Employers are unable to track the candidates. So a lot of time is of theirs is being wasted to post the position on each job board. Another very challenging aspect for a job seeker is searching through online job portals is that there is just too much noise.

To solve this problem, we partnered with one of the largest recruitment firms. Mostly the time is wasted while reading through job descriptions, customizing resumes or cover letters to match keywords in job descriptions, and submitting as many applications as possible. As a result, employers receive too many job applications. As they only spend on average 6 seconds on each application, many good candidates fall through the cracks, and some who are good fits don't even apply. We implemented a hiring system that uses AI and Machine learning to make it virtually possible for candidates and employers to hire the best fits. The platform arranges the profiles based on the needs of the employer and candidate.