Our Project Management is feature rich productivity and collaboration tool. It helps teams collaborate better together, closes communications gaps and improves business processes leading to a substantial increase in team productivity.

Project management software, we keep things simple, extremely user-friendly & eye-catching UI. It allows you to access data from your favourite mobile devices anytime, anyplace. Features such as create main tasks, sub-tasks, Upload File, Discussions & Budget Allocation within each main & subtask makes it an excellent tool to run your projects smoothly.

Project management software allows you to send full project report or sub-task report from your smartphone upon one click.

All Features on Mobile & Desktop both!

  1. Create Main tasks 2. Create Sub-Tasks (Milestones) 3. Assign Subtasks to Team members 4. Upload Files, Word, PDF, Picture, Video. 5. Create Alerts with one click 6. Start Discussions under each sub task 7. Budget & Costing 8. Notifications of each action 9. Set the percentage of Completion 10.Save your notes inside each main tasks

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