In current fast pace world, Knowledge Management System is key to success for all businesses. Our Knowledge Base Module offers several ways to maximize the utility of Intellectual capital and Intangible Assets.

Mostly managers and supervisors spend a lot of time answering similar questions all day long. Not only does this make their life incredibly dull but it also wastes valuable time of managers and supervisors.

Our Knowledge Management System always makes sure that you have access to Logical and consistent management of Knowledge and a powerful search engine. You always find the right content at right time in a fraction of seconds.

TeamKnit knowledge management system also offers managers to run knowledge tests or competitions among team members to see who requires more training.


  1. Create Knowledge Base
    2. Search Knowledge Management System
    3. Send KB for Validation
    4. Run Competitions
    5. Approve Validations
    6. Everything Available in Mobile

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