Enterprise Social Networking module engages your Front-line Employees, keeps everybody in the loop and making the organisation more responsive to a constantly changing world.

Extremely user-friendly; People already know how to use it!

Enterprise Social Networking transforms your sales & marketing to boost revenue and develop corporate culture without spending too much on expensive corporate events.

Enterprise Social Networking tool also helps to overcome growth challenges, provide a solid platform to share new ideas and making most out of company expertise.

Employees can easily share text, picture or video from their mobile or desktop.

Easily create groups to share things with your work colleagues inside the company and create Polls for anything, type your question, add options and you are done!

Enterprise Social Networking also allows you to find the right information at right time, create an event, Team Building event, Corporate Event, General Meeting and Conference call.

Built-in analytics to see who is doing what; see on your mobile, how many posts, likes, comments, polls etc.