Task Manager I Employees to work together without any limitations.

Task Manager

Task Manager Module is industry leading rich features cloud-based and on-premise solution used by top companies around the globe. It’s our mission to keep everything simple for employees to work together without any limitations.

It perfectly manages and tracks daily, weekly, monthly, urgent & recurring tasks of your team.

Task Manager allows you to start discussions, upload files and assign tasks to team members with the approval of team leader. Task owner can also put the task in pending with comments.

Task manager also gives you the option to create recurring tasks to avoid you from the hassle of creating repetitive tasks all over again.

Task Manager Features 1. Create Tasks 2. Urgent & Normal Tasks 3. Options with Individual Tasks & Team tasks 4. Create Tasks Categories to make it more simple 5. Admin can view Running, Pending, Assigned & Completed Tasks 6. Users can start discussions under each task 7. Change to Pending Tasks with comments 8. Task Assigning between team members with Admin Approval 9. Attach Files, Pictures, Videos in Tasks 10. Receive Tasks notifications 11. Three reports generation as per you choice 12. Assigned Tasks reports 13. Create Knowledge Base and search facility from each tasks 14. Create & Attempt Competition in Knowledge Base 15. Unlimited Users

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