Intel Manager I Enterprise Collaboration Tools with Intelligent Features.

Intel Manager

In recent years, almost all the burden of business growth is fallen on employee productivity improvements. There has been a lot of focus on effective communication rather just messaging, employee engagement and collaboration to tackle this problem but still, Zombie companies, companies that keep operating despite poor financial performance due to employee productivity, are growing very fast.

The biggest concern for major companies is weak employee productivity. Available individual products in the market only offer time wasting messaging apps, employee engagement platform or collaboration platform which does not really solve the real problem of productivity. In fact, multiple applications confuse users and cost even more. To end this struggle, We are proud to announce Intel Manager, Perfect solution to enhance employee productivity through advanced features of C-Messaging, Enterprise Social Networking, Project, Task Management & knowledge management.

Intel Manager is All in One tool for employee engagement and productivity. It’s available on desktop and mobile which gives convenience to work while on the go. Extremely simple to use and no training required. Intel Manager has lot more advanced features compared to existing tools available in the market.

We have affordable subscription plans for every size company, small medium or large

Intel Manager is highly customizable cloud based or on- premise solution for all size companies. It also helps companies to meet growth challenges & be responsive. Help find the right information at right time. Android & iOS apps allow employees to work while on the go.

Intel Manager has much better features, cost effective and extremely user-friendly compared to existing tools available in the market. It offers complete employee productivity solution, unlike competitors who are only offering one segment of the employee productivity.