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About us


Appoon Corporation is quickly becoming a key solution provider across the globe which drives innovation, employee engagement and productivity.

Appoon is attracting many who struggle to get solid business growth and increase employee engagement and productivity. The company is being noted for its rich featured and user-friendly all in one tool.

“We are pleased to introduce our Intel Manager, the perfect platform to kill zombie corporations and enhance employee engagement and productivity through efficient communication, powerful collaboration and employee engagement.

We have a very simple vision; Solve your complex issues in minutes, improve efficiency, increase productivity, mitigate risk and create value.

Intel Manager is respected globally due to the fact that our ideas are addressing very critical issues within organisations through collaboration tools and save you extra costs.

Our Technical Team consists of Designers, Developers, Business Analysts, & Project Managers, are working day and night to provide excellent support to our loyal customers.

Appoon employees work across the globe, including

Corporate Head Office & Research Center in London, United Kingdom.

North American Head Quarter, Toronto, Canada

Software House in the Birmingham United Kingdom.

Sales Office in London, UK & Toronto, Canada

Thanks for visiting our website. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you reckon we can be of any help to solve your complex issues in minutes. Our sales team members will be happy to assist you at any time.